Mentoring & Sibling Support

Sam Patterson, Co-Founder | Born November 1, 1994

Sam had just turned 7 at the time of his diagnosis with metachromatic leukadystrophy in January of 2001.

Sam was full of life and touched everyone that had the privilege of looking into his smiling eyes. He loved his brothers and his mom and his dad simply because they were his family.

He loved sleeping on the top bunk and his best friend Jack.  He hated being called anything but Sam! He loved pickles, meat, cheese, milk & yogurt.  He loved music and puzzles.  He loved church.  He was a giver of blessings, of spirit, of heart.  Kids loved him because he was just so stinking kind and funny – he laughed all the time and was just happy to be here. He loved looking for box turtles in the woods out back after a gentle rain.

He liked things simple.

In memory of Sam Patterson (November 1, 1994-December 26, 2003)

The Patterson family showed us how comforting it is for Mom and Dad to know siblings in the house have the support they need when parents are consumed with caring for a sick child. During a medical crisis ther are never enough hours – for carpools, homework, shopping, and time to just be a family.

There With Care Mentoring and Sibling Support Programs help relieve that worry to give families the gift of time together.

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