{Family Programs}

A diagnosis of critical illness changes the life of a family in an instant.  Help is needed for families who are overwhelmed by the difficulties of life while caring for their sick child.

“When a child gets sick everything you have heard about a parent’s worst nightmare is true. I was trying to be strong but I couldn’t remember to breathe” Marcia, TWC mom

The simplest daily tasks become overwhelming when parents are faced with the burden of caring for their child during a medical crisis. We work with hospitals and social workers, to support the entire family during emotionally, financially, and physically challenging times.

The meaning of support is unique for each family. Here are some of the ways that our broad range of services have been there to comfort and care for our families.

Meal Program: Relieving the financial strains with a delivery of grocery necessities allows a parent to avoid taking an immune compromised child out to the store and prepared meal deliveries let families have much  needed time together.
Patient and Sibling Support: Keeping families together so that they are able to support each other by providing babysitting, mentoring and tutoring for patients and siblings
Transportation Program: Families can be assured that they will never have to miss a treatment due to lack of reliable transportation.  If needed we can provide rides to and from medical appointments and hospital treatments, school, and activities; financial assistance with fuel.
Home Maintenance Program: Coming home from the hospital an immune compromised child can be frightening. A parent needs to be certain their home is a safe place to bring their child. We work with businesses in the community to provide housecleaning/industrial disinfection, and other home services based on a family’s circumstance.
Baby Essentials Program: The premature arrival of babies with critical illness throws parents into a traumatic situation where they are often displaced and alone in the 24-hour care of their newborn in the NICU.  When they leave the hospital we provide a “Baby Essentials” kit with new/used clothing, books, toys, car seats, strollers, cribs and essential items.
Hanna Cares: The Hanna Cares Program provides car seats to children of families affected by critical illness through There With Care.
Professional Services Program: Managing daily obligations are ongoing strains on a caregiver. We offer accounting, financial, legal, and translation services, to families faced with loss of income and missed deadlines due to treatment so parents are able to be there for their child.
Therapy: When a family needs each other most, the shock and ongoing emotionally taxing existence of caring for a loved one can pull a family apart. Couples counseling, sibling support, art and alternative therapies programs along with family grief counseling all are intended to hold the family unit together with care.
IT/Telephone Support Program: During the long months of treatments a patient can feel isolated and cut off from their outside world. We provide computers and telephones to access medical services, resource libraries as well as facilitating young patient’s access to school and their peers.
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