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There With Care 2016 Holiday Care Programs

The mission of There With Care is to provide services to families that are in the critical phase of a medical illness. Families are referred by hospital social workers who best understand the family needs and support systems.

During the holidays, our focus is to give the families we serve the gift of time. It is difficult for parents to prepare a family holiday meal and to purchase gifts when they may be living in the hospital and caring full-time for their ill child. A medical crisis can also quickly change a family’s financial stability when they are suddenly faced with large medical bills or when one parent must leave their job to care for their ill child.

Listed below are the different programs that There With Care is coordinating for the 70+ families and children we are serving this holiday season.



During the Thanksgiving Holiday, There With Care sponsors are matched with a family staying locally to provide a precooked Holiday Meal, which can be purchased from Safeway, Lucky’s or Whole Foods.

  • Sponsors are encouraged to deliver the meals to the family the day before Thanksgiving or the day of Thanksgiving.
  • Last year meals costs ranged from $60-$130 depending on family size and place of purchase.


Some of the families do not live locally and travel back and forth to the hospital for treatment. Mailed gift cards allow families to order a meal when it is convenient for them. A decorated card or adding festive decorations is a great way to personalize the package.


During the December Holidays, There With Care sponsors are matched with a family to provide holiday gifts. Many times the gifts that you, the sponsor, provide are the only gifts that the family receives. Sometimes families ask for practical items, and other times they are typical things that a child may be wishing for that will lift their spirits and give them care. Often, parents and teens choose gift cards for themselves. Wrapping gift cards in a pair of socks, scarf or box of candy makes it a fun gift.

  • We ask that the sponsors provide 2 or 3 gifts for each person in the family (including the sick child, siblings and parents).
  • We ask the the total price range for gifts for each person be between $50-$60.


During the holidays, many families will still be traveling to the hospital, needing diapers, groceries and every-day supplies. Another simple way you and your family can support There With Care is to provide families with transportation assistance by providing gift cards for gas (available at most Shell Stations, etc.), grocery assistance or Target and WalMart cards to purchase day-to-day necessities.

Starting December 1st, we will have a mail box set up in the office where you can stop in with your family to deliver gift cards. For those interested, we can also provide you with a decorated box so you can set up a holiday gift card drive at your local school or business.

Please keep in mind that we require confidentiality regarding family information. We abide by HIPAA regulations and honor our families’ trust in you, so we do not divulge the names, identity, contact information or other personal details. Please bear this in mind if you are sharing your experiences with a friend or if you would like to comment on social media. General comments are acceptable such as “a child” “a family” “in California”, but nothing specific to reveal the identity of a family. Family-specific information is strictly protected by HIPAA. Thank you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

To be matched with a family or to sponsor a family by purchasing their holiday meal or gifts, please click on Sponsor a Family. If you have any questions about the programs, please contact Connie Scully at holiday.bayarea@therewithcare.org, or call the office at (650) 268-8555, ext 206.


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