{Frequently Asked Questions}

How does a family become a There With Care family?
There With Care families come through a referral network made up of social workers at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. These professionals understand the medical condition, financial situation and support systems of each family. We hope to expand to many more hospitals and agencies in the Bay Area.

Accepting referrals through this process allows There With Care to provide services to the families in the greatest need.

There With Care accepts referrals identified by social workers for children and families facing critical illness who are served through Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and does not discriminate based on race, religion or gender.

Do I have to fit into any specific categories to qualify for services?
Unfortunately, illness can strike any family. There With Care families represent a wide range of families all sharing the common circumstance of critical illnesses and medical crisis.  Our profile families fall into two categories:

  • Children with critical illnesses in the departments of oncology, blood disorders, head traumas and hospice who are referred to There With Care by our affiliate hospitals and medical facilities
  • Level 3 critically ill babies in the NICU.  These children are often premature (weighing 1 pound or less) and many are born with tumors, brain bleeds, etc.  These patients fall into the category of life threatening illnesses

How long do families receive services?
There With Care families receive services during the critical phase of a medical crisis. The time frame for services is unique to the circumstances of each individual family and is determined by the Program Coordinators and the medical Social Workers.  When a patient is transitioned into maintenance or has moved from the critical phase of their treatments, the family is transitioned from services.  This allows services to be moved to other families going through a medical crisis.

I have a business and we are looking to donate our services. Do you have a need for professional services?
We could not provide the wide range of services we offer families without the generous support and skills of our Business and Community Partners. We welcome all types of professional service donations such as legal, auto repair, house cleaning, therapy and more.  Please contact us at (650) 268-8555 to discuss Business Partnership.

How do I become a volunteer?
Becoming a There With Care volunteer is easy.  Just email or call to sign up for an orientation and training session with our Volunteer Coordinator.  We are always looking for caring individuals to join our team.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (650) 268-8555 or go to our Volunteer Page to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

I don’t have time to volunteer every day. Do you have flexible volunteer opportunities?
Yes. We offer flexibility in volunteer time commitments. We have volunteers who work with us every day as well as volunteers who donate time once a week, once a month or once a year. We would love to have you join us.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (650) 268-8555 or go to our Volunteer Page to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Will my donations be tax deductible?
There With Care is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donations are tax-deductible according to tax law. You will receive an e-mail receipt for online donations that will include the tax information you need to record your deduction. Thank you for your support.

How can I donate material items like baby supplies, office equipment, groceries, clothing and books?
We accept donations between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Mon thru Fri at our Menlo Park offices, 3475 Edison Way, Suite H, Menlo Park, CA 94025. We update our Wish List each month with information on items most needed by There With Care families so check back. Thank you for your consideration!

I don’t feel comfortable working directly with families. Do you offer other types of volunteer opportunities?
We welcome volunteers with a wide variety of interests and skills. In addition to our Family Volunteers, we have many volunteers who lend support in areas like Administrative and Office Support, Events, Promotion & Marketing, Technology, and much more. Our caring volunteers along with our Business and Community Partners together make the services we offer families possible. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (650) 268-8555 or go to our Volunteer Page to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

I have a friend with a child was just diagnosed with a critical illness, how can I help them?
If your child or a child of someone you know is diagnosed with a critical illness and you believe they could benefit from the services of There With Care, please check the list of our affiliate hospital and medical providers to determine if There With Care is serving that facility and/or department.

If so, please advise the parent and/or guardian to contact their social worker and let them know they would like to enroll in There With Care services.  The social worker must initiate the contact with There With Care and make the referral in cooperation with the patient and family.

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